Sunday blues

Remember the excitement and energy that you feel Friday night after you get out of the office? The taste of freedom and the anticipation of the upcoming weekend?

Well, by Sunday afternoon it’s all gone. It is stealthily replaced by the so called Sunday blues, which is a mix of disappointment for not achieving everything you planned, frustration for how fleeting time is and dreading to return to work next morning.

Sounds familiar right?

Happens to me every time. These ups and downs are so overwhelming and so tiring that it get’s annoying sometimes. Why does all the work stuff come into mind again? Why can’t I just enjoy every second of my free time and make the most of it?

Time is precious. We all have a very limited amount of it, so why waste one sweet afternoon being blue.

To keep these mood swings under control, I realized that it helps to not have great expectations for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are just like any other days, something will not work out, somebody is not going to be very nice, somebody is going to be late, the traffic is going to be crowded … There are lot’s of things that we cannot control. Sometimes we can’t even control ourselves, so why push our exceeding expectations on others?

I’m not saying not to make any plans, to sit in misery and feel sorry for yourself. What I’m saying is to be realistic.

Plan some activities, but don’t overcrowd your schedule. You need some laid back time as well. Read your favored book, go for a walk, enjoy some nice coffee or tea, check your favorite blog or website. The pleasure is in all the small things combined.

I never plan for more than 3 activities daily. Sometimes I even make a checklist, mostly because I enjoy crossing things off a list. Whenever I plan to do more, I am always stressed and pressed for time. I often find myself being rushed and annoyed if the people included in my plans take their time. Which is absolutely ridiculous!

I have to keep reminding myself that it’s OK to take it easy. It’s perfectly fine to not have sensational experiences every weekend. Sometimes it’s OK sit in pajamas all day and read a good book, dance and sing along your favorite music. Just listen to your needs and do what’s best for you.

What matters is to be present and mindful of every moment (which is easier said than done, I know, but we’ll get there).

Therefore, I’m going to spend the rest of my afternoon reading, enjoying the coziness of my bed and the company of my significant other.

Let me know in the comments bellow what are your secrets for the best weekend.

Enjoy your Sunday!