Hello and welcome to my refuge!

I’m Iris and this is an open place to discuss the struggles and small pleasures of my daily life.

I’m an unhappy corporate job employee, in search of self and search of meaning. I’m nowhere near the “Eureka!” moment, I haven’t figured out much, so don’t expect sound psychological advice or a “How to” to life.

This is a way to share with others that in reality life is not a smooth paved road. I am quite sure that I’m not the only one frustrated with the routine, frequently asking myself “Is this all there is to it?”, trying to find the secret to work-life balance.

I am intending to make this place uplifting and relaxing (we have enough negativity and pressure in our daily life). So I’ll also write about the things that bring me joy: books, flowers, coffee, cats, nature and everything nice :).

Feel free to join me, you’re in a safe place here!